About Anup Road Carriers

Anup Road Carriers, in 2005, Mr. Sanjay Sharma has years of experience in the logistics industry and a passionate belief in changing lives through transportation.

We have registered offices and branches across India are staffed with qualified and experienced staff to provide the best service 24/7. To ensure fast and on-time delivery, we offer our customers a courier service (if required) for a nominal fee.

Anup Road Carriers is committed to providing complete road transport services to its customers. We have a computerized tracking system that follows the ship to ensure quality and timely delivery of your products, and our business philosophy is based on dedication to human consumption, innovation and value creation.


Why Choose Silent feature

  • Time bound Delivery
  • Specialized Container movement
  • Containerized transportation for fragile cargo
  • Containers available in sizes of 20/32/40 feet
  • Full Load Vehicles available for any weight
  • Frequent tracking alert if required through mail or sms


Anup Road Carriers has a large inventory of trucks and trailers as well as a variety of support vehicles to ensure safe delivery. Operating from our regional offices across India, we offer affordable and quality service 24 hours a day. We will cooperate with you to ensure a hassle-free experience. We create cost-effective logistics strategies to move your valuables.

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Project & ODC

  • Anup Road Carriers, offers services for movement of ODC and Projects across country. Features of ODC services include.
  • Capacity to handle projects of size 15 to 100 TONNES through specialized vehicles and hydraulic axles wherever applicable.
  • Movement of import/export containers from various ports to various locations.
  • Expertise in handling ODC, machinery & equipment etc.
  • Project transportation of entire plant and machinery.
  • Special team of root service prior to movement of consignments.


Delivering the Best Logistics Solutions.

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