Flat Bed Trailer

As the name suggests, it is a large car, truck or truck. These trucks have a flat body with no body, roof or walls. No room or body serves any purpose here. It is very easy to load or unload heavy items from this vehicle. For whatever purpose, they are used to transport heavy loads that are not affected by the variability of nature, such as rain, wind and sun. Flatbed trailers are also used to carry heavy loads that trucks cannot carry.

Flatbed trailers have a solid flat bed, usually made of wooden planks. No roof or walls. The load is held in place by winding it on a rope that is hinged at the edges to the mooring hooks. Anup Road Carriers has a large fleet of trucks that can meet your unique needs. As shippers with a good reputation and expertise, Anup Road Carriers understand that cargo must be moved quickly to avoid it being lost or misplaced during the journey. Shipping companies use popular lashing equipment such as nylon straps, basket straps, V-belts, ratchets, chains or ropes to secure the load.

The company provides weather protection if you request it. The load is usually covered with tarpaulin and secured with rope. You should also understand that keeping a book on these trucks is a dangerous business. It requires a lot of attention, skill and patience. Loose loads can fall during transport, causing serious damage and traffic chaos.

Pipes, machines, coils, pre-assembled structures, electrical wiring, etc. To ensure the safety of your main products, you should contact Anup Road Carriers today. The company offers customized shipping solutions at affordable prices and as your growing partner.

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  • Over 4 Decades of industry experience
  • Complete workforce having a minimum of 15 years experience in ODC
  • Self Owned Fleet and attached fleet consisting of Low Bed Trailers, High Bed Trailers, High Bed Trailers, Long Wheelbase Trailers, 16 Wheeler and Open Trucks

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