Welcome To Anup Road Carriers

Anup Road Carriers is a heavy haulage company based in Vadodara. Mr. Sanjay Sharma has experience in this field since 2005. Our company mainly focuses on the transportation of large and heavy loads (ODC, Oversize Cargo) in India. With a wide variety of vehicles such as flatbed, higher and ODC deliveries, we have highly trained and experienced staff working with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. to get your job done at all times.

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We Provide Best Transport & Logistics

We work 24/7 to assist our customers there anytime, anywhere, whether they need our services or not.

Road Transportation

Transport is an important mode of transport for goods and passengers in India.

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ODC Transportation

As Anup Road Carriers, we offer ODC shipping services across India.

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Low Bed Trailer

Low beds have a bed height of 2-3 feet. These are mostly used for high ...

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High Bed Trailer

High beds have a bed height of 4 feet and are often used to carry ...

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Flat Bed Trailers

Anup Road Carriers flatbed trailers are designed to meet your specific needs.

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Full Truck Load

We are committed to providing full shipping services to our customers.

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WHY US Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


We offer shipping solution. All land transport is of particular interest.


Anup Road Carriers are trusted for their hard work and excellent customer service.


Our team is equipped to handle trucks and trailers, as well as ODC trucks and heavy loads with hydraulic axles.

Custom Solution

Our USP is our logistics services tailored to your specific needs for your transport, packaging or storage needs.

Delivering the Best Logistics Solutions.

Looking for a Heavy Duty Specialist for your shipping solutions? Send us your requirements for an instant quote!

You can avail the following list of Services

  • Road Transportation
  • Container Movement
  • Car Transportation
  • Project & ODC Transportation
  • Exhibition Transportation
  • Train Cargo Transportation
  • Air Cargo Transportation
  • Low Bed & High Bed Trailer
  • High Bed Trailer
  • Low Bed Trailer

Portable Cabins Manufacturer And Trader

We are one of the famous manufacturers and traders of all kinds of portable tents, office tents, quality tents, etc. These cabinets are manufactured using high quality materials sourced from trusted vendors in the market. Made from advanced materials, these cabinets are known for their waterproofing, design, impact resistance, dimensional stability, consistency and variety. These cabins are designed according to the needs of our customers.

We are supported by a good infrastructure that helps us produce the final family products at volume and speed. We divide our processes into production, design, quality control, sales and marketing and packaging. In addition, departments work under the guidance of experts, making things go smoothly. We also have a large number of customers as our products are well tested.

Our Cabins are known for their:-

  • Durable, robust construction, use of quality raw material
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Manufacturing capability to withstand any weather condition
  • Longer operational life
  • Affordable price

Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Vadodara uses the latest manufacturing techniques to deliver the highest quality products to its customers. The front door is designed to be beautiful without paying attention to the functionality of the door. Our porta cabins can be used for many purposes day and night.


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