ODC Over Dimension Consigments Services

Anup Road Carriers, offer solutions for the transportation of large, heavy and bulky loads. With years of experience in freight forwarding and freight forwarding, we excel in the movement of goods that require customs clearance.

For the fastest and safest odc cargo, good inspection of the road is very important for odc movement. We have a dedicated team that never tires of their work and allows us to tailor our needs to the size of the shipment.

We create complete project ideas. Start with all aspects of project evaluation . Choose a carrier based on your project and delivery, cargo inspection, inspection site and customs. Optimizing time and money, zero damage, maintaining the best standards is our ultimate goal.

Anup Road Carriers, has its own vehicles, machinery and equipment for transportation. For ODC, flat racks and open top are used to strap and block the load.

We manage large shipments, including schedules and all types and capacities, with complete and careful coordination.

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